Dr. Charles Becknell Jr. publishes text on Post Civil Rights Black Studies Program

September 30, 2011

 Photo: Dr. Charles Becknellphoto: Dr. Becknell's BookcoverCongratulations to Dr. Charles Becknell, Jr. for the publication of his book, A CRITICAL RACE ANALYSIS OF BLACK STUDIES IN THE POST CIVIL RIGHTS ERA. A substantial body of research exists on the origin and pedagogy of Black Studies. However, there is a dearth of empirical research that investigates how racial identity politics profile Black Studies leadership and Black Studies programs at principally white universities in the Post civil Rights Era. This qualitative piece utilizes a case study with Critical Race Theory (CRT) methodology to explore the role that white supremacy, internalized racism, hegemony and color-blind racism play in people's acuity. Twenty participants were interviewed consisting of community stakeholders and Black Studies directors, students, faculty, and staff. Direct observations, journal writing, the inspection of archival documents and the participation in legislative proceedings were methods that were also employed to collect, analyze and interpret the data.