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Beth Glenn Featured on UNM Proud
February 18, 2020


Beth Glenn is featured on UNM Proud, a project from The University of New Mexico that showcases students, staff, faculty, and alumni, all of whom make the community unique. Beth Glenn is the Adm…

The Inaugural Southwest Conference on Black Studies
December 2, 2019


The Africana Studies Program at The University of New Mexico has entered its 50th year. In homage to the discipline, our practitioners, and supporters, we will host the Inaugural Southwest Conference …

A Talk: The Man-Not by Tommy J. Curry, Ph.D.
September 24, 2019


"Tommy Curry has written a cool, brilliant defense of the men who are the pariahs of American society: the ones who, regardless of class, find themselves at the bottom of every hierarchy; the ones wh…