Kirsten Pai Buick new chair of Africana Studies

February 9, 2022 - Mary Beth King

buickWith new chair Kirsten Pai Buick at the helm, the Africana Studies program at The University of New Mexico is looking forward to a major leap this year.

Buick, who is also a professor of Art History, Associate Dean of Equity and Excellence, and Special Assistant to the Dean of Arts & Sciences, recently took over the post as director of Africana Studies. She brings her years of experience at UNM and concern for the students to the position.

“The department’s guiding principles will continue to ensure that students of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds have access to a full understanding of the global linkages between peoples of Africa and other African-descended people throughout the Black diaspora. We recognize and honor the importance of cross-fertilization, interconnectedness, and intersectionality in the framing of African Diaspora history as a vital constituent of all histories.”

Kirsten Pai Buick

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