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Course Descriptions

For further information about the program and for major/ minor requirements please contact:

Dr. Charles Becknell Jr., Director

Farah Nousheen

Program Statement

The Africana Studies Program at the University of New Mexico uses an interdisciplinary approach to uncover and examine the historical, political and cultural experiences of peoples of Africa and of African descent in the American Southwest, and across the globe! We are committed to encouraging students of all races and ethnicities to think critically about the function of race within individuals, institutions and societies and simultaneously facilitate heightened awareness of issues surrounding social justice and community / service.

Statement on Course Descriptions

The courses described in this booklet are divided into three categories. 100 and 200 level courses are designated as introductions to the study of various topics within the discipline. While any undergraduate student may take these courses, they are aimed at the freshman and sophomore level. Courses numbered in the 300’s and 400’s are specialized classes for juniors and seniors. The course numbers were given in an indiscriminate manner and there is no difference between the 300- and 400- level courses the program does not have courses specifically junior or for seniors

The courses are listed in numerical order. However, not all courses offered by the Africana Studies Program are in this booklet. If more than one section of a course is offered, please check the name of the instructor to make sure you are reading the description of the correct section.