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Foundations of Africana Studies

AFST 103-001 (CRN 42184)

TR 3:30 - 4:45pm  |  Instructor: Jamal Martin, MPH, PhD

FoundationsAfricana Studies is a statement about Africana phenomena and issues worldwide. Foundation of Africana Studies is an exploration of the philosophical basis for the creation and existence of African-American Studies and programs (The University of New Mexico, Catalog 2010-2011, p. 139).  Black Studies and programs fully emerged as part of a student movement to confront the status quo in education. Thus, this course is both chronological and interpretative in its focus on transformative learning for liberation and education for co-existence. The class will engage in reflection on the activist-intellectual tradition along with international history and education to address the gap(s) between present condition and better conditions. Thus, in the context of the Africana experience, truth and justice and the charges to produce enduring knowledge through the science of knowing are the approaches used to help emerging scholar-activists learn skills and processes to study and solve the problems that arise from the lived experiences of people of African descent.