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Culture and Education

AFST 399

Online | Instructor: Natasha Howard, PhD

Culture and EducationThis course is designed to introduce students to scholarship that explores the relationship between race, culture and education. Some of the questions we will study include: How do we define culture? What is racial about culture and what is cultural about race? What does culture have to do with educational experiences and how is it part of educational environments? How is culture relevant in how we think about educational achievements and educational “failures”? We will revisit and rethink cultural deficit and cultural depravity theories that attempt to explain education “failures” as cultural attributes. We will explore popular culture and its influence on the development of educational theories and the creation of hip hop inspired pedagogy. And lastly, we will examine the struggle that has been part of the founding of ethnic studies programs and the struggle around Affirmative Action in higher education.  We will draw from a broad range of fields as we study themes within the broader topic of culture and education.