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Natasha Howard

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Natasha Howard, PhD, joined Africana Studies in 2012.  Dr. Howard earned her PhD in Educational Thought and Sociocultural Studies in 2011.  She also holds an MA in Latin American Studies focusing on the Black experience in Latin America. Dr. Howard’s research centers on unveiling the structure of anti-black racism and the production of anti-black racial discourses in the Americas. She is an interdisciplinary scholar drawing upon ethnic and women studies, Black feminist theory and sociology.  Her graduate work explored the subtle (re)production of anti-black ideology in critical discourses on race.  Additionally, her research focused on racial dynamics between people of color.  More recently, her research has been presented at the Association for the Study of the Worldwide African Diaspora, as well as Critical Ethnic Studies.  She teaches Africana studies courses on: Black Women in the African Diaspora; Culture and Education; Critical Race Theory; Race and Globalization; Sociology of Black Communities.