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Bakatue Festival, Elmina. People carrying Chief in procession through town.Experience of a lifetime...Guaranteed!

The UNM Africa program is back.  Fifteen New Mexicans will travel to Ghana, West Africa for a three week-long tour June 17th - July 8th, 2017.  This is not a commercial tour.  This trip is purposefully designed for you to meet and know the people of the villages and small towns, in their homes, their churches and work places.  For you to stand by the weaver's looms as he weaves, stand near the carver as he carves, stand close to the printmaker as he stamps designs on cloths, then you can dance and clap with the people in their church's aisles as they worship.

What to Expect

The many highlights of the trip include total immersion in the celebration of the famous Bakatue Festival of drumming and dancing at Elmina and stay at the historic and quaint Bridge House, twenty steps from a lagoon where, every evening, fishermen in their colorful canoes will be seen leaving for an all-night fishing trip, unloading the boat of fishes the following morning.

The group will also visit towns, cities and villages including:

  • Visit the Cape Coast and Elmina slave castles
  • The old palace of the Ashanti King
  • W.E.B. Dubois Research Center
  • The Black Star Square
  • Carving and weaving villages
  • The famous Arts Center
  • Walking on a hanging bridge
  • National Parks for elephants, monkeys, and crocodiles
  • The National Cultural Center
  • Several universities and schools
  • Traditional printmakes designing cloths and more...

Look not for this course offered through Africana Studies in the Summer (AFST 322), but a class about West Africa that can serve as preparation for the trip in the Spring semester (also AFST 322).

Join us for a life changing experience!  Contact Dr. Shiame Okunor for more information.