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What Can I Do With an Africana Studies Degree?

AFST- majoring options


The Africana Studies Program at UNM uses an interdisciplinary approach to uncover and examine the historical, political and cultural experiences of peoples of Africa and of African descent in the American Southwest, and across the globe! We are committed to encouraging students of all races and ethnicities to think critically about the function of race within individuals, institutions and societies and simultaneously facilitate heightened awareness of issues surrounding social justice and community/service.

A degree in Africana Studies prepares you to enter any career field, whether it is business, law, education, the arts, or medicine. Professions range from A (Astronaut) to Z (Zoo administrator). In short, the answer to those asking what can a person do with an Africana Studies major is simple:

In Each of Us is All of Us.

AFST-degree options

Career Paths in Africana Studies

Advertising • Consulting • General Management • Human Resources • Marketing • Entrepreneur

International, Federal, State, and Local Government
Community and Public Affairs • Economic Affairs • Governmental Relations • Public Office, Diplomacy • International Affairs • Attorney

Preschool/Head Start Programs • Elementary, Secondary, and Post-Secondary Education • Research

Public Health
Health Education/Counseling • Research • Doctor • Nurse

Special Services
Adult/GED Education • College Prep

Student Affairs
Administration • Greek Affairs • Counseling (career and individual) • Multicultural Affairs • Residence Life • Student Activities

Editing • Public Relations • Publishing • Writing •Journalism

Performing/Creative Arts
Artist Management • Marketing • Musician • Performer • Playwright • Teaching

Curatorial and Archival Management
Education (Pre-K–Adult) Principal/Administrator • Curriculum Development Programs • Guidance/Counseling

Africana Studies majors from UNM have gone on to top graduate school programs around the country in Counseling, English, Law, become entrepreneurs, and entered professional sports!