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African American History II: Civil War to Civil Rights

AFST 285 (CRN 36839)

MWF 9:00 - 9:50am  |  Dr. R. Jefferson 

Civil Rights

This course will explore the major themes, controversies, and challenges in African American History from the end of the Civil War through the Black Lives Matter Movement of the Twenty-first Century. Each student will explore the ways in which history, politics, and culture have shaped the issues of race, gender, and class in African American Society from the beginning of Reconstruction through the Age of Booker T. Washington; from Marcus Garvey’s UNIA through the Modern Civil Rights Movement, and finally from the Black Power Movement through the Age of Obama. The course will also look at how power, resistance, and memory have altered the contours and directions of movements of social change and individuals in the wider society at large as well as throughout the larger panorama of United States and world history.